Drone Cinematography

This is an image There is a lot more to capturing video then just putting a UAV "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or AKA Drone" into the sky and flying around. With our accurate flying skills, and many years of experiences in flying for Movies, Commercials, and event coverage, we strive to create emotions with our audience. With our experiences we use everything available to create the best cinematic shots. This includes flying close to object to create stunning reveals, or to give great dynamics to the video. Since we also understand cameras, we know how to setup the camera to get the best cinematic look and feel for your next video. A director’s monitor is provided for the client to view on set, or a live HDMI feed. We provide all kinds of ND filters to keep the shutter speed down for the cinematic shots. All settings can be adjusted while the UAV is in the sky, like focus, aperture, ISO, etc. With an extra fee, we can provide a second camera operator to control the camera, and give the pilot full control of the UAV for the most accurate shots.

Drone Photography

This is an image Skycam media provides top quality images. We have a line of DSLR cameras from micro four thirds to Sony NX7 cameras. With the latest state of the art gimbal stabilization, images come out very sharp, even at night with low light levels. The camera on the UAV can be completely controlled from the ground, as the settings are always different once the UAV is in the sky. After the picture has been taken, the image can be viewed before bringing the UAV back. Shots can be taken in a variety of settings, from jpg to raw to log format. Exposure can be controlled up to 8 seconds. Even when it is windy, the gimbal can take several seconds of exposures without blurring the image. We call this the “Tripod in the sky”.

Drone Mapping

This is an image We can map an area down to 3cm per pixel resolution. Map a particular area that will give you great details of an area, to measuring the topology of the area. We can even measure the volume of a hill. We use the state of the art mapping software called Agesoft. We can map an object and do a 3D rendering of the object. To understand the resolution your going to get, you need to know what camera, lens, and how high you’re going to fly. Mapping requires a computer that can run at top speeds to analyze the data after the images have been captured, which we have. We can place measured markers on the ground that the software can use to make sure that we accurately map the site. Mapping is completely autonomous so that no area is left out. We have a special rig for this application.


This is an image Skycam media's primary editing tool is Adobe Premier Pro. Other tools that our company uses are Adobe After Effects, Red Giant products, and LUT editing tools. All music in our projects are licensed, like Premium Beats, to insure that your project will remain online for your audiance to see. Hosting files can be done in house, or the original file can be sent to the client for hosting.