About us

Legal Requirements and Insurance

This is an image Skycam Media complies with FAA regulations and Safe Operational requirements. Skycam Media follows all current local and state laws. Safety is our top priority.

We are commercially insured with up to $1M per incident, $2M aggregate, and $1M umbrella.

Why use Skycam Media

This is an image To stay above the rest, we are constantly perfecting our skills, keeping our equipment up with the latest technology, and keeping our safety record to the highest standard in the industry. Most UAV "Drone" companies are new to RC flying. SkyCam media pilots are skilled RC pilots that have been flying RC helicopters for years in competition. Our pilots have been flying multirotors for many years before the public knew about multirotos. Besides having exceptional control over our equipment to gain the best smoothest shot, our pilots know and understand how to capture the shot you desire. With our year’s experience, we have the knowledge on what to avoid that will kill a shot. Our pilots are also skilled in setting up cameras before and during flight missions.

We have the talent to process all of your post editing needs. We can produce exceptional videos using Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects, still images with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and using Agisoft for any of your mapping needs.